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Embedded system- 8051?

Electronic devices are rapidly finding applications in many of the areas, from simple coffee vending machines to space science to environmental friendly products such as big belly etc. Indian embedded market worth $5.9 billion dollars, and expects 30 % growth by 2015. This will certainly increase the demand of professionals in the field of embedded systems.


Will this course useful for my Career?

Absolutely yes. This course will make you very strong in microcontroller programming and making skills and on top of this you can explore many different career options by choosing advanced technologies.

When I can join this course?

  • You can start learning Embedded System anytime after 10th class.
  • When preparing for technical interviews
  • Working on your own minor & major projects.
  • Working on your new product.

What options I can choose after this course:

  • Advance Embedded System.
  • Advance technologies like wireless, touch screen.
  • Can learn MATLAB, PLC Scada

Course Content

What content will be covered in this course?

Session: 1 Basics of Electronics

Resistor, Disc capacitor, Electrolytic capacitor, LED, Crystal oscillator, LCD Display, 7-segment display, Matrix keypad, DC Motor & Driver, Stepper Motor & Driver, DTMF Decoder, IR LED, IR sensor, IR Photo diode, 4 bit Encoder/ Decoder and wireless : etc.

Session: 2 Introductions to 8051 MCU

  • Architecture of 8051 core AT89S52
  • 8051 hardware Detail- I/O Ports
  • 8051 Clock Oscillator
  • Reset circuit
  • On Chip Peripherals
  • Intro of In-system-Programmer (Burner)

Session: 3 Programming in Embedded C

  • Basic of C Programming for 8051
  • Basic function uses in C Programming
  • Conditional operators if else, switch etc.
  • Loops- while, for etc.

Session: 4 Report Generation

  • Gerber ,net list, BOM, drill legend generation
  • Printing different layers of PCB
  • Practice on EAGLE 3D

Session: 5 Interfacing with 8051

  • LED Interfacing
  • Relay & Buzzer Interfacing
  • DC Motor with Interfacing
  • 16x2 LCD display Interfacing
  • Serial port Interfacing
  • Matrix Keypad Interfacing
  • 7-Segment Display Interfacing
  • Mobile (DTMF) Interfacing
  • Infra-red Sensors Interfacing
  • Wireless : Interfacing
  • Analog to Digital Converter Interfacing

Session: 6 Project realizations

  • Obstacle avoiding Robot
  • Line Following Robot
  • Mobile control Robot
  • Wireless controlled Robot

Session: 7 PCB Fabrication - Live Demo

  • Introduction to PCB hole
  • Components and Packaging
  • Familiarization with SMD
  • Schematic Drawing
  • Board Layout
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