Minor Project List

Electronics engineering projects are always on high demand. Students can work on them to improve skills. It’s
an opportunity to apply your knowledge into a real-world situation. Electronics mini projects are the very first approach towards practical learning and this gives an edge over the race of recruitment to work hard to ensure a good career. It shows your capacity to complete projects using your specific initiative and efforts.

Therefore, we provide you the best quality product at reasonable price which saves your time as well as money and provide you an ease in learning something new and also build your interest and enhance your curiosity regarding electronics and robotics. We provide you a kit based on topics of your minor projects which further can be converted into major project.

Here is a compiled list of amazing and interesting practical mini project and ideas for you. Have a look.

Smart Roadside Reflector Light Wireless Remote Plant Watering Project
Water Over Flow Controller Smart Visitor Sensing Based on Peizo
Low powered Small Inverter Circuit Fire Detection & Water Pump on
Automated Smoking Zone Smart Mobile Network Jammer
Solar Based Battery Charging & Auto Cutoff Smart Day Night Detection Table Lamp
AC Power Detection Wireless Project Short Circuit Buzzer Alarm
Alarm Timer With Display Project Mobile Audio Amplifier Small Project
Anti Sleep Device for Driver Charger Circuit for 12 Volt Battery
Clap Based Fan Switching System Wireless Doorbell Calling System
Synchronously Blinking Emergency Light Sound Operated Timer Project
Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Project MC Based Line Follower Robot
E Bicycle Locking System Automatic Smoke Detector Alarm
Fast Voting Game Project Electronic Water Level Controller Device
Zero Contact TachoMeter (SpeedOMeter) Visitor Counter With 7 Segment Display
Wireless Mobile Charging Project Motion Based Auto Door Opener
Over & Under voltage Protection System Power Supply With Auto Switching
Auto Electronic School Bell Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System
Electronic Watch Dog Project Mini FM Transmission System
Wireless Cell Phone Detection System Wireless FM Transmitter Mic
Smart Burglar Alarm Plant Moisture Monitoring System
Testing Life Cycle Of Electrical Loads Using Down Counter Configurable Password Security System
Displaying Moving Message On Notice Board Using PC IR Based Obstacle Detection Project
Geo Location Guide Using RF Load Control System Using DTMF
Remote Vehicle Control Through Cell Phone Using DTMF TV Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle Project
Ultrasonic Object Detection System DTMF Cell Phone Based Door Opener
Object Counting Using 7 Segment Display Solar Panel With Sun Position Tracking
Controller Based 4 Quadrant Motor Speed Control Car Speed Checker With LCD Display
Efficient Power Manager Project Street Light Automatic Intensity Controller