Basic Electronic Training Course

What is Basic Electronics course?

In order to master the Electronics Engineering, one has to study about the different components, circuits and measuring instruments used in electronics. In this course the principle operation of the different electronic devices, measuring instruments and circuits will be discussed and the introductory knowledge about microcontroller.


Will this course useful for my Career?

Absolutely yes. This course will let you know about PCB designing, electronics components introduction and basics of microcontroller programming and making skills and on top of this you can explore many different career options by choosing advanced technologies.

When i can join this course?

  • • You can start learning Foundation course anytime after 5th class.
  • • When preparing for technical interviews.
  • • Working on your own minor & major projects.

What options i can choose after this course:

  • • Latest Microcontrollers.
  • • AVR, 8051, PLC, MATLAB.
  • • Equipment testing, Circuit designing.

What content will be covered in this course?

Session: 1 Introduction

  1. Course introduction
  2. What is electronics?
  3. Why it is important?
  4. What is electric current & voltage?
  5. Introduction to electronic components

Session: 2 Circuit Making and Testing

  1. What is breadboard how it works?
  2. Making power supply circuit on breadboard
  3. Making 555 IC circuit on breadboard
  4. Making infrared circuit on breadboard
  5. Testing and troubleshooting

Session: 3 PCB Designing on Software

  1. Introduction to PCB technologies
  2. Types of PCB’s used in industries
  3. Setup and familiarization with software
  4. Schematic drawing
  5. Board layout making

Session: 4 PCB Fabrication Hardware

  1. How to set size & take a print
  2. What is etching process?
  3. How to drill in pcb?
  4. Tinning, component placing, soldering
  5. Testing and troubleshooting

Session: 5 Microcontroller Introduction

  1. What is a microcontroller?
  2. Introduction to compiler and IDE
  3. Introduction to embedded C
  4. Application of embedded system
  5. How to burn program in microcontroller?

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